My Rants
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2011-11-03 13:24:20 (UTC)

Rant 1

This post of mine is a complete rant. We all always have something or the other in our lives that frustrates us but there come a few days when these things (or one of them) reaches it's peak and I can't just take it anymore. My solution generally is to make my best friend a punching bag and take my frustration out on him, but I realize that it is wrong and that I have been doing it a lot these days. This is a clear signal towards one thing, am very very frustrated by one particular thing.

Why I am writing about it today is because I need it out of myself. And also, because I believe that if my readers should know this side of me too (the cribber me).

So, what is this all about, you ask, because for the last 140 words I haven't ranted. This is about a 'friend' who is a complete idiot. It's not her fault, to a large extent, she isn't in control of her actions (due to her sickness). But as someone pointed out to me, it's not my fault either.

She's epileptic..... AND A COMPLETE MORON. Because of her, I am always getting in trouble with the authorities. She NEVER does not do her work till the last day, then has to stay up overnight which further makes her sick. She does not take her medicine EVER on time. Then she has attacks, falls off from bed, is forever hurt and crying.

And the worst part, she is stuck to me. She has no other friend except me and so I am not at the liberty of breaking the friendship with her. Whenever i try to, she is so sensitive that she has an attack and all the authorities are after my life... I AM SICK OF IT.


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