2011-11-03 00:56:24 (UTC)


depression's dark hands clasp my soul
no other feeling I know besides it;
the hooks you gave me that the lift the corners of my lips -
they're equivalent to the way you pull them down!
what then, should I say? you have my heart.
my emotions, my being - it all belongs to You!
that, and someone else, whose deadly red claws
have grasped and submerged me in the darkest corner
of his hellish Dungeon.

but i know thee not...i only know Him,
whose elegance and grace sits brilliant
at the presence of his golden Throne.
with only the color of purity and clouds; they
germinate the joy inside of me, the warmth -
forcing open the hands that clasp me.
and sadness I shalt feel no longer...

I await the day I escape your fingers
That have petrified my life with challenge after challenge -
Emotions have bested me again and again.

No more shalt they stand triumphant.
Lest there be one as powerful as He
that have created a person whose
insides goes against his insides,
and his outsides go against his outs.