on the edge of insanity
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2011-11-03 02:23:18 (UTC)

divorce hearing today

so my lawyer called me this morning and told me there would be a status hearing for my divorce this afternoon at 3. I am terrified. I dread seeing him again. I want this over asap. This afternoon we will present a tentative request for what I want and he does the same. Funnt though, he already took everything we ever had together. Now this petty poor excuse for a man wants the snow blower, lawn mower, table saw etc. Like he didn't take enough from me already. Fucking prick! Anyway even though this is what I have been waiting for its still really hard. I continue to die inside. And I am also pissed because my supposedly best lawyer in town never called me until this morning. His poor excuse...he thought someone else had. Shit I don't even own a proper outfit to wear to court. I have to show up looking like a disrespectful slob in jeans and sweatshirt. Anyway hear is another sad day in my pathetic excuse of a life.

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