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2011-11-01 22:20:55 (UTC)


confession - was at a licentious halloween party on sat night. another one to add to the list - mike - 42 - married - (not the best looking of the bunch, but terribly sexy at the time). Will update later.
P.s. I'm in love with Colin.F .. also worth mentioning that the beautiful stranger with the crooked teeth and the odd smile whom I met on the bus a while back has failed to leave my thoughts. I was browsing on fcbk the other evening and was on the page of a very RAH type guy who i'd met at one of annabel's parties, who'd also went to cambridge, and graduated in 2007 - around the same time that my beautiful stranger would have done (4yrs ago).. and I found myself wondering if maybe they knew eachother, and how strange and wonderful it would be if they did. I truly feel like i let one slip that night. he seemed rah, but also rather different and down to earth. not like those unbearable and arrogant ones you tend to get. whatever. maybe we'll meet again sometime - at the ox/bridge boat race. who knows? wish i did. he seemed so fucking perfect. fuck me man, get a bleeding grip. taken x2 sleeping pills to aid my rest. it's quarter to 11pm. I need to be on top form tomorrow morning, as it's chia's last day at CC and therefore my last day of being trained (only 3 days mind you) before I have to fly off the nest. I shall try my very best to do it all by myself tomorrow. So up at 7am sharp, out the house by 7.45am on the bus. Which is why I need a good night's sleep so I don't feel like death. So sleeping from 11-7 ensures a good 8 hours sleep. I really should have turned in earlier. Oh, and breakfast... hm. I have nothing for breakfast. infact i have nothing much at all. Just potatoes. a variation of them though (sweet, baby, jacket....) I AM BRIDGET JONES - fuck me, i know why that movie was so damn successful - it captures the story of every single woman living in london. Woe is me. but it has a brilliantly happy ending, and we love a happy ending. I don't think i'll get hitched till i'm in my thirties.. still got 8 years to go tho. what's the rush. no rush at all. if i think of all that's happened in the past four years, how i've changed of how my perception has changed and the way i see the world, then certainly a lot more can happen in that frame of time. although sadly, just one thing has remained the same.

mild stomach ache.. the sleeping pill said DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCHOL in exactly that font too. but I was dallying with some rose just beforehand and didn't know i'd be taking pills. but it's not like i took the pills with the rose. i do feel much lighter headed and weak. time to call it a night, and let medicine take it's course. but then again it could just be the rose.