Imperfectum Puella

2011-11-01 00:26:56 (UTC)

Breaking the habit tonight.

1 November 2011, 12.11am.
Back again. I was reading some of the diaries and I realised my life is pretty boring for someone to read. :P
Anyways, days going usual. Back to college. The same hectic schedule back in place.
And I'm listening to 'Breaking the habit-LP' on full volume right now.
And I'm pissed right now. Pretty pissed. Alright very much pissed. DU, AB and TE got drunk today. Not that I am against drinking. But everything has a limit. They are going to die. And that's what they don't understand. You want to drink, fine, go drink, but only when your body is capable enough. AB's liver is not in a good condition right now and DU has not fully recovered and anyone in this whole damn world will tell TE not to drink anymore. I, for one, rarely objected to their drinking every now and then. But at some point of time you need to realise that you cannot make alcohol your life. You're happy- let's drink; you're sad- let's drink; exams over-let's drink; exams starting- let's drink; we're bored- let's drink; we're alive-let' drink. Great! And whatever I say to these guys, the never understand. Never. Fine. Its your life. Go die. Like I care. Sometimes its like I'm the only one trying. Its like they don't even care.
And I'm breaking the habit tonight. Will no longer say a word against their drink-marathons.
Phew! Writing is suchha great stress(in this case anger)-buster. :P
Noone would've ever imagined I'd ever say this. :P
I rarely get angry. It rare. Very rare. :P But yeah, I do get upset and that's pretty much it.
Alright I realise I just wrote a pile of shit with nothing interesting to read. So, yeah. I'd better stop. :P
And I NEED to get back to work. :(
My college is going to kill me someday. :(
Gunnyte. :)

P.S- I think I am finally sure of my own feelings for DU. Though I'm still not sure of his. :S
Will talk about it the next time I'm in a state to update this diary. :D
And I think LS is umm.. kinda hitting on me. Ironical. To have your once-upon-a-time crush, crushing on you exactly one year later. Ironical. Very. :S
And I have no clue how I'm going to turn him down. :(
Turning down is so damn difficult. :x :@ :/
And I just wrote a very long P.S. I'd better stop. STOP. PERIOD. :D