The Days of my Life
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2011-10-31 13:40:45 (UTC)

just today

i am now 25 years old. i live in florida with my boyfriend august james baker. what happend to jon is another story. since then... i did go and see jimmy... that cock sucker since then has broken my heart 3 times and maybe more if i really think about it. i did visit him that summer and had the time of my life! :) but... the next visit was chaos... i visited him and seen what he really was... an asshole... a total prick. i was dumb young selfish and... yeah fucked him after then turned slut after him, partied my ass off an now here i am. he fucked my cousin Jeannine... bastard. I spend thousands of dallors on seeing him and to be with him... the sex was nice... jeannine I am glad u fucked us up. otherwise i wouldnt been able to see the true side of him. he is now older and has nastey chin hair that covers his butt chin... he still writes me as a do back to him. he angers me and i still miss how he was and looked. he was what i wanted at the time... now... again i am glad jeannines slut ass slept with him... here i am today. speaking of my last diaru entry it is truly amazing how far i have come. i have an apartment, car, dog grooming job, license, building credit with this car i have now from jd byrider. my credit was fucked... i had to pay many bills to get this far