The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2011-10-30 22:27:51 (UTC)

Ah twice in one day

Here i am again, doesn't happen very often does it?
got my house cleaned for the week because I'm normally too damn tired to do anything when i come home from work during the week so i usually do everything on Sunday
It's cold and crappy outside today, it breaks my heart that i nap often because i have nothing to do!
I guess at least 8 hours out of the day during the week at least I'm at work with another person to talk to!
My cousin has been trying to get me to move where she lives and move in with her and her husband and their son!
I want to yet i don't know if I'm ready to give up my independence!
I'm so confused as to what i should do!
I feel alone here yet this is my home town, but i need to get away thinking that if i do that then I'll be/find happiness!
Does that sound realistic?
I'd be closer to him though! that's what scares me!
I'd only be a hour away from him; I don't know if i can do that!
I'd be in that town more often because my aunt is there; so I'd have an excuse to be there and that scares me!
I'm dying here and i don't think this time anyone can help me