Just My Luck...
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2011-10-29 23:48:27 (UTC)

Getting Bad Again :(

Well, it finally happened. I was wondering when I would get all upset about my ex. I was really happy, but it's like all the sadness caught up to me... You know J, my other ex? I been thinking about him lots lately, and it's kinda an on and off again thing. Like, I like him, then I don't. I want to fuigure out my feelings for him before I act on them. Then there's hair guy. He's an eighth grader (a year older then me), but he's really nice to me and has been flirting with me. You see, I cut my hair so that I have this big section on the top that sticks up straight and is really short, like I got electricuted. He's always saying that he loves my hair and then ruffles it like we're old friends, but I think that that's just a way to get close to me. If he ends up asking me out, he's the one I'm going to say yes to. But for now, I'm just going to wait. If not, there's a guy I like, but he's my friends ex, so I'm going to ask permission first if I ask him out. That's the only fair way. But back to hair guy. He keeps talking to me more and more and hanging around me more and more, and he is REALLY CUTE!!!!! like, seriously, a cute guy has NEVER liked me before! I seem to attract the really nasty people, which sucks... I'm thinking about telling my first ex (J) about this website and I'm also thinking about telling him my username so he can read my entries... I want to share with him whats going on... IDK I probably will but for now I'm just going to chill out... yeah... I want his email adress tho! Cuz i really wanna talk to him... but yeah thats basically all thats happened.