on the edge of insanity
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2011-10-30 07:11:45 (UTC)

On hearing voices

Sometimes I hear voices when I am manic, sometimes when depressed and sometimes when I am stable. Sometimes the voices I here condemn me. They call me bads names and compel me to do bad things. Sometimes they are gentle and kind and lead me in the right direction. I don't think they are the same voices at all. The cruel ones speak harshly and are demanding, hateful and angry. The others are the voices of angels. They are sweet and loving and gentle and they guide me towards good. They tell me I am worthy. They tell my I am beautiful. They lead me to happiness. They call me up to God. They never leave me. They tell me secrets nobody else knows. They ask me to be defiant in the face of Satan. They protect me from evil. They uplift me when I am down. They help me fight depression. They are sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. Sometimes I can't think or concentrate but its good knowing they are with me. I hope they stay as long as I need them. I hate hearing voices as they terrify me but I love to hear the angels sing.