Imperfectum Puella

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2011-10-30 00:54:30 (UTC)

My first day here.

I should be working on my projects but as usual, I end up doing something else.
Before I say(write) anything else, I think I should start with the following:

1- The timezone feature does not have the option for time where I live. Its 12.26am of 30th Oct 2011 here. I'll mention the date and time anyways at the starting of each diary entry. They say old habits die hard. Mine sure is immortal. :P
2- I am in the habit of using smileys/emotions and I cannot resist using them while typing. You'll have to bear with them. :D
P.S- I even sent a ' =) ' in the official mail that was supposed to register me in a college competition. Catch was, it was my friend, who was in-charge of checking and responding to the mails. :D
3-I hate writing in the what they call the text/SMS language. I find in me traces of the obsession for perfection. Traces, I repeat. ;)
4- I have no clue how to put up a picture. :(
5- I like it here already. Started an anonymous blog once. It didn't work out. This, I hope, will.

And, I can think of nothing else to write for now. So, goodbye! :)
Take care.

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