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2011-10-27 11:11:13 (UTC)

Vibrating questions and issues

I need help in understanding what is going on in my marriage….why did my wife get a vibrator…apparently it is called the ‘rabbit’ that word is never going to be the same to me again……

(1) Inadequate:- Am I inadequate? Does it mean I am not satisfying her sexually? Sometimes I think I may ejaculate too early but I always make sure she climaxes before I do. The major issue is that we don’t use a condom so the sensation is much more and when I try to control the pace she wants me to increase and at that time splash! It is too late…after the first ejaculation and a rest I am rearing to go and know that this second time I will go on for a very long time but my wife rarely allows this….after the first ejaculation she cleans up and fall asleep….

(2) Frequency: this is the confusing thing. Left to me we will be at it like rabbits but she works very long hours and only feel up to it on Saturday mornings so we limit it to once a week and sometimes less than that. So if not into it like that why get a vibrator?

(3) An alternative (no harm): If I try to appease myself I think it may be these. Apparently the rabbit goes to where we mere men don’t reach.

(4) Friend’s advice: She has been engaging in a lot of banter and social gathering with friends from work and her old school (they have a very active alumni). She wan’t really into all these before.

(5) Bored? After 13 yrs of me…she needs something different….I hope not…..

(6) Talk: She reacted badly when I mentioned it and did not talk to me for days? Should I bring up the conversation again? I wonder why she doesn’t feel the need to explain it to me especially given all the above (frequency etc) and also when I told her I explained that I felt really sad as I thought I was not satisfying her. Yet she has never spoken about it and worse, make me believe she doesn’t think she owes me an explanation. If nothing else but to reassure me. I am hurt by this.

(7) Use: Not sure if I have the courage for this. I dream about using it on her but I think we may have to talk about it first as I just can’t sense her take on it. If I were to guess I will say she will never use one so you see how wrong I can be so I don’t want to push my luck…..