2011-10-24 23:22:14 (UTC)


We started to eat our dinner, pizza, when the hubs threw a fit. I'd started to complain about his choice of pizza- goat cheese and tomato- when all of a sudden he threw his chair back and shot up. "I'm not fucking taking this." He stormed upstairs and slammed the door shut.

I looked around incredulously before deciding, fuck this! The hubs had been in a bad mood since he got home. Said he'd had a shitty day. Things only got worse after he had an unsuccessful errand. I wasn't going to deal with it even though I'd started to complain about his pizza selection- one that I'd told him not to buy in the first place. I kept on eating at my slice, staring blankly at the TV.

It wasn't long before he came stomping back downstairs. He came up to the table, snatched up the pizza, and threw it into the trash can. "Are you fucking serious!? What the hell are you doing!?" I screamed. He stayed silent as he slammed a new pepperoni pizza into the oven. "You can eat that by yourself, cuz I'm done eating," I screamed. I plopped down on the couch and he quickly followed. He started yelling about how he's unappreciated and how negative I am. He said I'm always bitching, and that he wasn't going to have it anymore. He went on with his tantrum, which climaxed into him tearing his shirt in half. Why!??? Because he's a freakin' Neanderthal!

The point is... he came home pissed, and then exploded on me in the most maddening manner. He ended up sort-of apologizing, and tried to suck up the rest of the night. I don't think I even want to sleep in the same bed tonight. I'm still pissed.

He's pointed out my negative attitude before. I'm not gonna deny that I was bitching. However, there's NOOOO reason for him to have acted like that. He completely overreacted when he could have just as easily put a brake on me by saying that he didn't have the temperament to deal with me and I would have understood. Instead he turned it into something violent.

Aaaand how the DARE he!? All the bullshit I've had to deal with... alcohol problems...other females...and he has the audacity!? He yells at me like I'M the worst person in the world. How do I elicit that kind of response when he's done worse? Never in my life! Never in my life have I had to deal with some of the stuff I deal with now.

It sucks because I love him, but I always wonder if this is something that I can put up with for the long haul.

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