Just My Luck...
2011-10-25 00:56:21 (UTC)

Hola! :) Good day :D

Hola all ya'll! :D so I didn't break up with that one guy that one time I said I would a couple days ago, but I did break up with him today and it felt amazing! I literally am super happy right now! considering he won't hold my hand but he'll hold her hand... but it doesn't matter anymore tho. But I'm soooo happy! And thanks to the person who responded to my last entry on trying to find a person to talk to :) I just don't have much to say right now. Except there's this older guy that's been flirting with me and stuff but IDK... anyways see ya! :D

oh yeah, speaking of, the only thing I have to say is that I cut myself again, the deepest I ever had, but I always heal really fast and it's healing fine and doesn't matter right now either :)

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