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2011-10-24 16:18:17 (UTC)

No trust....

The biggest issue I have is that of trust. I have lost all trust for my wife. I don’t trust her at all. This I hope is probably wrong and I am just being overly paranoid. I hope so. We did get intimate last weekend for the first time in 4 weeks and it was ok. The earth did not exactly shake but I have seen worse. I really enjoy our night time cuddling and I look fwd to it. I also hold back not to extend that to day time show of love or intimacy as I don’t want to get knocked back. Also I don’t want to be made a fool in case she is carrying on with whatever relationship she has and I am playing the loved up husband, don’t want to do that. She got a new iphone and I noticed that she always turns the face down, this I suspect is because iPhone notifies you of a Wassup message showing he name of the contact. These are the kind of things that make me very weary of her. This time last year my feelings for her were of deep love and more importantly there was that feeling that we were together operating on the same wave length from the same camp. Although I still love her, I am very weary of expressing that love and I have definitely lost that feeling of togetherness. My greatest worry is for me to embark on a relationship with a 3rd party. I really do not want that but I desperately need female attention preferably from my wife. It is not forthcoming at least in the shape and nature that I want so I get really frustrated. I know what will work, what will make her notice me again. That is what I plan to do, make myself attractive to her again. This will mainly be by concentrating on me and going for my goals. The more I concentrate on those things and less on her the more she will want me.