Finding my Light
2001-10-10 03:37:30 (UTC)

Wild Weekend

Well to all the people who actually read my stuff, I'm
sorry for taking so-o long to write. I've been very busy.
I couldn't believe me weekend though! It was the most fun
and the most learning weekend I've ever had! I'm not
kidding. I learned a lot of things...
To begin saturday was my most fun I have to admit. You
see me mother and father entered me in a pageant to see how
I would do. Of course I didn't expect to win it. Who woul
dexpect to win a beauty pageant on their first try? I sure
didn't. Anyway though For it I had to wear a formsl gown
and swim suit. The dress was my entry in 'Miss Beautiful'
and the swim suit was for 'Miss All American.'
When I went on stage with my formal dress the judges
seemed happy with me. They didn't do anything special and
I knew that I wasn't going to win that catagorie. When I
wore my swim suit though the judges seemed to love me!
They kept on knodding their heads and saying how beautiful
I was. The male judge even winked at me! I knew there
that I had a pretty good chance on winning that one.
Well half an hour later they started to give out the
awards. When they came to my age group I knew that this
one girl named Brittany was going to win Queen. I had meet
her while waiting for my number to be called. Right away I
loved her. Anyway though when they called her, she had
only gotten second place. I suddenly grew sad because she
didn't win and I knew I hadn't won either. When they were
about to call the winner and Queen and prepared myself to
look for the girl. To my surprise though they had called
my name! I couldn't believe it! I had actually won in
that entry. To make it even better I won in my other entry
also! I was Queen twice! After everything was over my
parents took me out to the Olive Garden.
The next day my mom woke us up a little bit early and took me to
get my belly botton pierced. Let me tell you it hurt, but I think
that's mainly because I'm sick and my tolerance is a little low.
Anyway though now I have a cute little gold hoop. I love it even
though it causes me pain sometimes, but I can take it!
Later on that day my little buddie, Jeff (actually he's not
little, but three inches taller then me and one year younger), came
over to wash and wax my dad's car. I love Jeff. He's like one of my
best guy friends. Actually we are to each other. Getting back I
talked to him for like hours. From 6:00 to 9:30 at night. Before I
was about to take him home I asked him to come with me to get some
gas for my car. He said yes and we went to get the gas. After we
were done and I was driving him to his house my car ran over a nail!
Yup, my tired became flat. Thankfully Jeff knew how to change a
tire, but he had to do it at night. I felt so-o bad, but that was
one of the many things I love most about him.