Davids Diary
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2011-10-23 18:03:07 (UTC)


Will I guess I am starting the dateing game I guess Of course now I wish I took care of my teeth better when I was growning up. Now just have to get the money together to get them all pulled they are way to gone to be saved or so says my dentist. I have a or will have a couple of dates maybe latter on this week not sure how they will go if at all. I guess we will see what we will see.

Will this is an update I do not think I will have any dates for the woman who sent me a message have not gotten back with me O will I say Im a 41 yr old poor man who has no life and no good outlook for the future who the hell would want to be with me anyway. At least I have my cats but even they rule the apartment.

I have one LDR (long distace relashtionship) and she engaged to be married next Nov. I have a online friend who is a submissive that like me to use her online but she married even thought she we both know that if I lived there she would like to do things in R/L.

But she will never leave her husband and I dont wish her to. Again its ok I have my cats I truly think that some people where ment to alwas be lone in life I also think I happen to be one of them.

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