My drama filled life as STACEY
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2011-10-21 05:18:48 (UTC)

hmmm Liers?

Dear Diary Filled With Drama,

I know we all do it sometimes but when it happens to me i don't like it.. that is lying of course. When people lie to me like my best friends its easier to forgive them because i have friends that wouldn't lie to me in a huge way, there just little lies. When my family members and my boyfriend lie to me it hits me real hard. I honestly don't know why but it just does, when i get lied to it sometimes really affects me i practically brake down.
When my boyfriend lies to me, its never really huge lies, there very little, but it still really hurts. When he lies i honestly don't know why but i give him a very hard time. I usually make him feel like he really did something wrong, i don't mean to but it just happens because i want him to feel how i feel when he lies to me. i know its a mean thing to do but, it really hurts me, i don't like getting hurt, there have been so many times that I've gotten hurt that my poor little heart cant take it anymore.
To me being lied to is like a verbal slap in the face. although some people let it slide easily i don't. I get even more mad when i try talking to the person about lying to me and all they ever have to say is OK... its like that's a another slap in the face because u just hurt me and u honestly don't care. I've been lied to so many times that i should be used to it, but then again i still get hurt more and more every time. Moral of this Diary, lying is NEVER good.

Until Later,