My drama filled life as STACEY
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2011-10-21 02:49:50 (UTC)

Everything I do is just never good enough :(

Dear Diary filled with DRAMA,
After my last entry, me and my father haven't really been getting along. Everything i do is just never good enough for him. I try being the best daughter i could be but my father just doesn't see it. i swear to u i think my dad has some type of menopause, you just never know when hes going to strike! i honestly believe that as a family we all need to go to counseling. this morning i suggested it to my mom and she said it was a good idea,... but this isn't the first time i tell her. Ive told her like 5 times and she always says the same thing, but my mom just never wants to take any action. And you cant suggested it to my dad because he will go crazy he always think everyone is out to get him. but the reality is he just takes everything to seriously, i honestly think my father has anger management. He thinks differently. but anyways I'm just ganna stop trying to impress him because what ever i do its NEVER EVER good enough to please him. it seems like he doesn't care to much about it so im just going to be myself and STOP trying to please him, because honestly its never going to work. So hopefully this does...

till later,