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2011-10-20 11:30:35 (UTC)

Thank goodness

God is so good. So I went for the second stage interview yesterday at clear channel, with the marketing manager I'd be working beside and supporting, and the lady was just how they'd described. Fiesty-ish, energetic, proactive, lots of eye contact, and power charges going on in the air. I think I liked her though. She came across to me as fair, non-catty/slave-driving, perfectionist, and smart. So I got a call from my consultant after about an hour there, saying that they'd decided and they liked me, and wanted me for the position. The position was initially starting at 23k a year when the job profile was handed to me, but my consultant said they'd like to start me on 25k a year. Obviously I didn't address this, or ask why, just gave an "ok.." in my stride. Then the issue of our family holiday to Nigeria (leaving on the 15th coming back on the 5th of January) came up, and my consultant said she'd speak to them and get back to me. So this morning (while I was in bed) I got a few (2) missed calls from my consultant, which I'll admit I decided to miss for fear of them thinking poorly of me sleeping in till 11am in the morning. So I decided to get up and brush my teeth as to make my voice sound less 'i've-just-got-outta-bed'. So she spoke to me to give me the low-down, and I'll be honest, her tone sounded negative, and for a few secs I was almost sure she was going to end it with "...so they've decided to take someone else..." But then instead she said that that would be fine, but usually in such a role, I'd be entitled to 3 days holiday (as the contract is only for 2 months), but now I wouldn't be able to take any holiday. Which I said was fine obviously. So I've accepted the position. It begins on the 31st of Oct. Halloween babay!
So the job at purdey which I was so eager to get, and then distressed about not accepting, is no more. Strange how things work out. If I had accepted the purdey position, I'd be earning about 5k less than I would have done - even though it was a 6 month thing. And my role wouldn't be so defined. At Clear Channel, it's only 2 months, I know, but it's 25k, which is good for a graduate role. I will be honest and say this: Part of the reason why I think working for purdey appealed to me at the time, was that the lady, sharon who i'd be working with seemed very sweet and easy-going, and I imagined that I'd be able to have more freedom and feel less intimidated and restricted there. Whereas at CC, the role seemed very proactive, highly strung and perhaps stressful.. more room for screwing up. I really want to prove myself in this role, not just to my employer, but to myself. By being punctual, by staying behind after hours, being useful if they seem swamped with work, taking on some workload from them, NOT SCREWING UP THE DIARY/BOOKINGS/MEETINGS, being curious about departments, good memory, knowing who is who in the company, being likeable, personable and friendly, bake the office a cake be etc. I will have to buy a book an PA-ing - i know some people may think that the role of a PA is pretty obvious and redundant, and therefore buying a book would be like getting a manual on how to brush your teeth (ok, maybe not that reductive), but I think that there is a skill in the art of PA work. You have to know how to do certain things, how to prioritise work load, how to take minutes of a meeting and agenda, how to manage calenders or diaries etc. Will also have to get a crash course on marketing, how its different from advertising and branding, because honestly, I'm a bit lost there. So I have 2 weeks before I begin the role, and I will use the time to prepare for it. Hopefully, just hopefully, if I am good, they may promote me, and my contract could become more permanent, and the monetary benefits may follow suit.