Cheyenne Flint

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2011-10-17 10:37:39 (UTC)

Reviewing 2010

I got the notions to review what I wrote back in 2010 before I was saved by grace! I now see the steps that led up to my calling on Jesus and him hearing me.

I was in such a bad place and didn't even realize how bad ....some of the words I don't even recognize as something I would write....where did that come sin sick soul....sad to say.

So I give GOD the Glory as I look at my story! Praise God and Thank you Jesus!

The day I was born again 11/17/2010. The best day in my life!

I will always read this 2010 story which led to my salvation and knowing I was lost without a hope...I will NEVER forget what Jesus has done for me and how GOD invited me to be apart of his Holy Family!