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2011-10-14 21:37:00 (UTC)

My friend Anna

My friend Anna or I thought was my friend is playing footsies with that is okay with me until they start getting mushy and sit next to each other at lunch and totally ignore me. Katey does it and that doesn't surprise me. But my friend or so called friend.Really.Well of you are a person who usually reads my writing then you would know that I cant date a guy till 8th grade...But my friend Anna ,lucky her can date now...And she told me that she would date him if he asked.And the questions me....Also just to make it worst Camden's last relationship lasted 1 year..Anna's lasted 9 for the rest of the year I will probably have to listen to both of them about how they kissed and went to a scary movie and they held hands,or they drank Dr.pepper from the same bottle by the way that's my favorite soda....or they shared and fed each other chocolate chip chocolate brownie fudge chocolate ice cream and watched the departed witch is my favorite ice cream and movie. or went to a movie another one and shared a super sized popcorn and drink..... I sound so desperate and crazy but if I don't stop this right now I'm gonna be jealous and depressed while listening to my friend about what she did and what I wanted to do. How do I fix it.

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