My secret diary
2011-10-13 10:22:54 (UTC)

another bad day :(

Ok so i got up this morning and i feel crap!!!!!! Jay (my husband) called me hippo hips the other day and its been playing on my mind so today ive decided thats it ive had enough im going to start my strict eating again, (i stopped because i had to put on 9lbs for my breast enlargement surgery ended up putting on a stone i cried my eyes out).

So today i am not going to eat and if i start getting extremely hungry il just eat a bit of salad and drink some water im determined to get to 7st 4lbs so i have to lose 1st 10lbs im sure i can do that it wont be that hard just got to drink water and hardly eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the start of my strict eating my measurement are
Bust- 38"
under bust- 29"
waist- 27"
hips- 33"

lets hope i can get my inches down

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