Old daysl :)
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2011-10-11 18:35:42 (UTC)

awkward! :(

Well today was so embarrasing! well my crush i cant tell he might be reading but anyho i was playing with my frends, sophie and elspeth and someone threw the boucy ball, so i ran to get it and everyone came chargin towards me i think they were gonna run past me to go somwhere , so (everyone is my crushes frends trust me theres loads of them!) so i bent to get the ball so i stood up and bang i fell on the floor so they all ran and then it was just me and my crush!so he pointed and laughed!
But i just smiled till he had gone away , so when i went back to play with the girls the kept on lookin at me.

So that turnedd out pretty embarrasing but trust me i got revenge!

Bye youl find the revenge in tommorows diary!
b.t.w this happend ages ago x

Bye thanks for reading!