2011-10-07 18:24:28 (UTC)


Greesham was absent today. It made me very sad.
I was going to hug him today for a long time.
Joel made up for it, at the least. I still like Joel but I don't love him. Yet every time I see him or pass him I have that stupid habit of avoiding him. Or his eyes...

that has to change.
Joel's hugs are so cute. He was like "Aww..." when he saw me about to hug him. That's because my change in appearance. I have a split personality, I guess. My glasses.

Victor saw me and didn't say a fucking word. If he wasn't wrestling, I would've gone up to him and slapped his ass so hard in the fucking mouth, then push him up against a wall and start making out with him. Jesus. lol

screw Nick.

Sacryybear. I miss him. :( And Danny's such a hoe. I just want to hug him but he don't wanna do notheeeeennnng.

I miss having a normal life.