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2011-10-07 01:09:59 (UTC)

this is just too much, i just..

this is just too much, i just want the cloak of being a student again. this is just too tough. no wonder so many give up. tonight just feels like a cruel joke. the whole week feels like one. who to blame?? i brought this on myself partly had i been more proactive in getting this done, even with the help of someone else, this would never have happened. now i'm very potentially looking at a meagre third place. i cannot believe it. how could daniel be so cruel? just not answering his phone, though he's emailed me inbetween my calls, meaning he's definitely awake and aware. i asked him to tell his colleague not to stop working because i had now paid the full fee. but he wouldn't answer my call/emails/texts. he's making it sound like its just down to the decision of the colleague, but i know for sure that he's probably something to do with it too. i'm looking at the documents and the changes aren't so much to be honest. they look slightly the same as last time, with just a little bit more colour. except for the structure panel, the rest look average. and many of the very important points which i highlighted. can't believe him.