2001-10-10 03:36:55 (UTC)

typical tuesday

today cut my first class in my college career...
[]P[][]/[][]P[][][] 2 sum dexter freebish...
but made it 2 my 2nd class,,,then work...

no really rowdy cutomers today, im starting to miss Roslyn
the lady who comes in high all the time trying to get her
car registered... the last time she got a DUP id but left
it in the bathroom only to retrive it 2 weeks later.

i guess i made it to my english class cause i like
listening to the proff talk, surprising huh?! hes a male
chauvinist/socialist/republican about 32, long hair,
italian and a beach partier in his early years. if u ever
read george bernard shaws, pygmalion he's the new age
higgins. i liek to jot down his comments, thats mostly what
my notes consist of...
*ricki lake that ugly cow b#$ch
*i've never heard of a pack of cats
*im just gona go over to germany wearing a tee shirt that
says i love adolf!
*were americans, lazy son of a.., who like to drive around
in our SUV's eating doughnuts
.. i guess u get the point ..

later on i picked up the double C'z and on our way to the
usual tues nite spot~ PJ's ~ 4 free pool we sopped at exxon
where the gas station guy from pakistan who asked me a few
weeks ago while getting gas on my way to club abyss; to
marry him... i got my video camera out and he actaully
wasnt sure what it was. then going into the convienant
store to trade in my scratch off lottery ticket i had a
conversation- barely with this chinese guy with a heavy
accent- christa got it all on tape!

she also got blue chalk all over her nose at the pool hall
without realizing- IDK! we filmed that to...

untill the time came to call it a nite...

"oh ur reputations so golden, ur never lonely n ur never
home. i know u've been talking bout leavin u've lost all ur
feelings for this town. paint ur nails n put on ur lipstick
u dont wana miss ur ticket out..cause i remember how we
drank time together and how u used to say the stars were
forever and day dreamed about how 2 make ur life better y
leaving town"

º°.¸¸.·´¨`»·°ºRenº°«´¨` ·.¸¸.°º