Valerie's Serenity
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2011-10-02 03:37:34 (UTC)

Ah Yet Again

I can't say I was surprised for Christ sake I'm only Valerie the one that never shuts up the one that always bitches and get on your nerves and always have a problem and never treat you right and don't try to fix things and don't help in the relationship and always talk down to you and always says you don't care and never let you talk and likes to pick fights and making things a issue and apparently making your life hell on earth. You don't want me here fine we are through you want this to be over and I just can't seem to one fucking thing correctly I will forfeit with fucking pleasure. I ask myself after Some one asked me "why are you still with him" My answer was
i like to think love and I'm a fighter I try to think things are going to work out welll........................... Hell No they ain't gone work out and they ain't gone get better fuck this. I ain't putting that stupid piece of shit back on until I want to and right now I don't ever want to look at it again.
I have never been around the most hopeless man that does nothing for himself that just want shit to work out on their own I guess that is why god put us together to either let us learn from each other or so I can help him throughout his entire life. Get the fuck out of here I got one baby one no more no less fuck babying someone that is older than I am. I am only going to be to many more of those bitches and those dumb asses before I got your dumb ass bitch. Watch me become more than what I am by standing up and being a woman And fighting and striving and being somebody watch me you............................................................follower.

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