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2011-09-30 22:24:21 (UTC)

so, text from kate this..

so, text from kate this evening: 'Annoying text from nioki: "ooh les is off the market" grr.'

Obviously the fact that i'm not actually into les means i don't give two fucks. so i actually had to feign some kind of disappointment. I didn't display disappointment per se though, i wasn't goin to give her the satisfaction, so i replied: 'yes i know this and i've been dying to tell you. as of last night actually, and it was fantastic...lol kidding, but yea, horrendous news that, how am i supposed to carry on??... p.s decided on a venue for tomorrow?' and that was that.
then even more interestingly she replied saying 'tim and les should just man up or pick the right ones (us) implying that she likes tim. i was going to text back saying so you like tim do you? but i thought better not, as 1. i'd like to say it in person so i can see her face and make informed analyses. 2. it may back fire, cos the last time she talked of tim she said she didn't have a crush on him anymore, so if i ask and she says 'yeah i actually i think i do', it'll put me in a bad position to go after him if the opportunity ever occurred. so i thought whatev's. 3. it may have given something away to ask that by text.. so there.

but it's so weird pretending to like someone, then your friend texting you 'les is off market' and then you pretending to be bothered about it, if only slightly. well. that plan didn't reep results like i intended. it's noke's fiance's bday soon (it's jacked up that i even know this shit and i think gosh if they ever saw this, they'd be like wtf????) so we'll see if kate's going. bet if she is and noke's says to her 'feel free to bring me' she wouldn't even tell me about it. I genuinely think that her 'les off market' text was meant as a back off. she'd ask 'has he accepted your friendship request yet?'