Valerie's Serenity
2011-09-30 21:20:09 (UTC)

Uh Huh!!!

I knew it had to be something. When me as a female, a very attractive and loving person does things that is normally known as sexual things you as my man and husband and partner is suppose to respond. Not in a way that is inappropriate. Just a way that lets me know that this thing here ^_^ can get you rounded out with just a move of my hips. I have one on the other hand that If I flaunt it in his face he already can already imagine his lips being on it. I think I have literally tried everything in the book regarding Yes Yes Yes but it doesn't matter because there is something else more important to do. Or check on or see about, or I'm tired, hurting, sleep something. I never thought in a million yes when I get on TOP of someone I would be playing Russian roulette as to whether or not I was getting any. It really should not be that difficult but apparently this is way too forced. As the saying goes "If it's too forced it's most likely wrong". Yay Me!!!