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2011-09-29 21:35:38 (UTC)

Should I or shouldnt I? I need your help.

So for the boyfriends 22nd birthday, coming up next week I have noo idea what to do or get him. Besides one thing.
The cheapest place I found was 180 a person. Ruffly speaking a little under 400 for each of us. If I do this, I will be basically..broke. Maybe 300 in my bank. (I quit my job awhile back and havent got a new one...money is fading)
I understand money is money..if you want to live, use it.
I want to do this SOOO bad but the amount scares me. Although Id love it so much and not regret it. I can always make money.

So help!
Should I buy the gift certificates?
Him and I will have to do the skydiving very soon too because they only do it under good weather conditions.. I live in the north west...all we get it rain after mid october.

Who has done it and recommend it?
and anyone else..who thinks its a good idea?
He'd never see it coming.

And once again we have been together for shy of 3 years...I think its a good gift..

side note: people have said no due to other responsibilities I have, bills, car, food etc...honestly. I dont have any of that. So thats why Its not a big deal to me. Im in no need of a car, I live on transit and prefer it. I dont pay rent, still living at home to help my mom and food, eh I pay now and then. Frankly..I have no hold to the money. so..thats where Id love to do it.