Valerie's Serenity
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2010-04-23 04:40:20 (UTC)


well i guess i cant be upset at all taking that im the cause of this disaster. i could really go all day with all the stuff i should not have done in my life but then again so can everybody else. i don't love the situation and i can't say i hate it either but im just trying to make the best out of it is al, i find myself doing alot of that lately. I ain't picky or conceded or spoiled by any chance taking my child hood how could i be. I am also sure that at 18 years old i would not have acquired the world but i mean at some point of time i at least thought i would have been in the position to not question weather or not i have three dollars to spend on a dumbass Chinese plate that my little baby craves at the moment. to try not to start on my little baby i don't have a dime to afford my baby a crib a play pin hell diapers for that matter i haven't yet made any plans for that then again how could i do that when they would never leave the thought process. I could have been in college with a car and a life but instead i ran away with my high school sweetheart and never looked backed got pregnant and homeless all in the same months and cried myself to sleep just to get through the most fucked up nights. people make the stuff look to easy i got every thing i want in a man and nothing i want out of like he has his problems but damn who don't i like the fact that when if i am able to get it i know how to spend it. BUT i would have to get it before i can make any plans of spending anything.

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