Valerie's Serenity
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2011-09-29 04:00:18 (UTC)


I guess women is just supposed to be born with this gene that genetically we are incapable of understanding how shit works and goes. sorry but we ain't all slow and hard of hearing some of us are really capable of reading hearing writing and etc. Meaning stop with the bullshit. Honestly I wish it was about love and romance but I do my all and then some and they still and cheat and tramp around the world doing all that and then some and I really don't understand how I'm one cool as person and I get really the highlights of life and still get treated like I am some 4 year old flunky they just stumbled in to 1st grade. I grew up with a little more life and a lot let dumb ass. I manage to come up and be better than what I am now and really I sometimes think I did a good job. Well being stupid of course was never my strong suits anyway. I am not saying I do dirt and I am not saying that I'm bad but what I'm saying is I am a little more complex that the average dumb ass and I really do sometimes feel bad about what I do and how I choose to do it (what I did and how I choose to do that). Give a bitch the benefit of the doubt don't fuck with me and don't play me like I lost a piece of my mind because you thought you were good at keeping secrets. Sorry I keep them at a younger age than you and I perfected my way of doing dirt and I have not been out talked yet. For real though I do kinda get bored of the obvious.
I can take a man that does weed and I can take a man that does his limit. I can take a cheater and try to move forward and a bastard and try to make him love but what I can't take and never will be able to take is a fucking lying, total dick head ass, dry lip ass, wannabe cool ass wrong doing ass liar. They are not cute the are not witty and it is not fun to lay next to someone that is able to lye directly in front of your face and feel nothing and in the end try to make you feel bad for over stepping and looking for the truth. They say that shit would set you free well I guess the truth will really leave you very dry for a very long time. Just when you are comfortable with loving her for being able to love you after so many lies . She just got comfortable with being able to love anyone but you that knows how to open his mouth without feeling guilty.

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