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2011-09-27 01:11:03 (UTC)


Camden is so cute he is also really nice...but he is always flirting with other girls it drives me crazy and makes me soooooo jealous.He is always flirting with this girl named Kate she is so annoying and shes always hanngin around my friend haely i think she wants to be my friend but shes tooooooo annoying. i looked on line too figure out how to make him jealous and i am going to flirt with a guy he thinks is super annoying his name is Nick i think he is kinda cute....ohh back too Camden he high jacked my chair and i went to sit down and fell.. not hot..and its not hot because well this just makes it worse i have a big bruise on my left arm and on my right butt cheek.they are big and black the one on my arm is 5inches and in my butt 4inches.. it hurts ohh this really doesn't help that Kate laughed at me... tomorrow im taking his chair...and Nick and i are going to laugh at him hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha all day long. and he will never hear the end of it.