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2011-09-22 10:46:42 (UTC)


finally have a twitter account. I'm hell bent on career succession and world domination etc. it's all i can think about.


R wight
michelle ogu..
rory campb...
pippa jameso...
Account managers
Look out for interesting new designs, and inform R.wight

Restaurants i love rated:

Westbury Hotel's polo bar
el paso
vertigo 42
(one that phil took me to near bank st...)
aqua nueva
tate modern restaurant/bar

Another thing. So my email account has been hacked and "i" have sent an email to everyone in my address book (secondary school teachers, parents, friends of parents, exes, friends of exes) about everything from viagra to penile enlargement supplements (I only advocate one of these products). apologies to those who received any such crap.

i work at an agency. true story

in desperate need of a chiropractor/masseuse.

latest obsession:

(insert food) butter = heaven

It has to be said. There's a skill in the art of buttering bread.