I drink Alone
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2011-09-20 04:15:55 (UTC)

Sep 2011

What a long day. With Joe down with strep throat & ear Infection it's been a rough couple days. I can't very well play nurse with four munchkins tumbling after me every time I try and peek into the "sick room" unfortunately we just found out it was strep today, so he's had plenty of contact with the kids. I really hope the rest of us don't catch it.

My youngest is one already! It makes me a little sad since he's my last baby. I know, I'm insane! In the perfect world where there's no financial worry I'd of loved to have as many kids possible. I love large families. Although the first thing people say to me now is, "are they all yours??"
Since they are about a year apart I get asked if a couple of them are twins, and one woman who must know nothing about kids, asked if I had triplets.
I am so happy with my stair step munchkins. Each with their own crazy personality but same stubborn streak.
Hayden is struggling a little with the joys of having sisters. His good night wish is usually that they'd go live with Grandma. He is still very mature and my little helper. As long as it isn't extended to helping his sisters. He is very close to the baby. I hope they are best friends. It's funny how the brother bond appears so early.

The two girls are as different as can be. One came out screaming and hasn't stopped. She is overly dramatic and the most people friendly out of them all. The younger one is quiet and sneaky. While the others are asking permission I know she's already doing it. They are both little cuddle bugs and since the oldest loves girly things so does the younger one. I am so happy I have two little princesses. Even if one is just bring a copy cat and I imagine will soon give up all the pink when she gets bored with it.

My baby is walking, saying a handful of words, and always into something. I know I baby him too much and as a result don't have much peace. If I get out of sight he's walking around the house chanting "ma-ma?" till he finds me. I have to baby him some more when he does because he's always so proud of himself when he does.
One of his first words was " Hayden" He adores big brother. He tolerates the girls. Recently he's been picking fights with them quite a bit. And he protests strongly when they try and baby him. He loves his little cars and to empty any container he gets his little hands on. Which is usually a lot during the course of one day cause he's quite the climber.

I cannot believe how fast time is passing. Each day with them is tiring and stressful but the love and joy of watching them grow makes it all thousand times over worth it.
I used to waste so much energy feeling sorry for myself and struggling with a low self- esteem. Now I don't care. How can anyone feel worthless when four little midgets are there with an endless supply of hugs and kisses? The way they light up when they see you in the morning. The smiles and attempts to sing a long at night during the tenth round of " twinkle twinkle little star"
This might not seem like much to most, but I am really happy for once with my role in life.

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