Valerie's Serenity
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2011-09-19 08:53:38 (UTC)

Do you feel anything

After 5 months 5 years 5 decades. Is the any time for it to be okay that you feel nothing. You say your fine and you do but you don't. You say that you can and you will but you won't. You won't cause you can't and your not to sure why. but what the point covering up a lye either you do what you do because know nothing else, you know just me always me and that won't change or is it that you do what you do cause u think it won't be the same. It is really all the same thing and honestly it's really not that complex. there's a big deal and a bigger problem because u have to get this from somewhere right or is it that your fine with things how they are. we all have what we have but is it even really about that what is the point behind it all can you walk blind into a thing and be so blind into a thing that pretty soon it's not a thing anymore and now it a part of life and now it is normal at how the way things are. There is always going to be a night were things are not okay and not normal and are just unfair but what's the point is never going to be the same because you allowed it to go on for so long that changing it now would just be wrong. No I can't walk blind into a thing that I know will kill me later all I can do is hope that what is supposed to happen happens and If it doesn't and for odd ironic reason every thing goes very wrong I pray that someone's save me before I drown in the pool of dis pare that I caused.