Confessions of a married woman
2011-09-16 15:33:54 (UTC)

Lame texts... why even send me a text?

Some people annoy me! So yesterday I was at home, bored and starving, but I had no idea what I wanted to eat. All of the sudden one of my friends, G, texts me, "Hola"! I told myself "YES! Score" he usually texts me to invite me for dinner/drinks... so I texted him back right away:
Me: "hello"
Him: "Que haces? (whatcha doing)?"
Me: "Nada, facebooking and you?"
Him: "The Habit"
Me: "cool"

THat was it. WTF? Really? that shit pissed me off, why even texted me because you're having dinner alone and don't have anything better to do. Ugh!

Here is a story of another fuck, I met this guy on a dating site and he looked very promising, we have a lot in common as far as faith, family values, etc... but he is just fucking weird! We emailed back and fourth for a while and he kept wanting to meet up, but then he would put it off.. I decided I'd start to ignore him. Prior to me ignoring him, he asked me if I had a FB, I told him yes, but I only had known family and friends there, he insisted, so I added him, just to see what was up with him. Very normal, very nice, big family... but he stopped the texting and really wasn't active on his FB or on mine, so I decided that I didn't need him as a friend on FB, so I deleted him, what's the point, ya know? Anyway the day before yesterday he sents me a text out of the blue:
Him: Hey you
Me: Hello (an hour later, gotta make him wait ya know)
him: How are you babe? (okay wtf is he calling me babe?)
Me: Great and u?
Him: Im good haven't heard from you in a while...what's new?
Me: Not m uch keeping busy...working, school, family.. social life..ya know. What's new with you?
Him: Same o Same o... miss you (how the fuck can you miss someone when you've never met them? LAME, but I just go with the flow)
Me: :)
Him: send me a pic babe
Me: I honestly don't have new pics (I don't! Ever since I gained weight I dread taking pictures)
Him :(
Me: Sorry
Him: It's okay baby
<He sends me a picture of him (WTF, really? I didn't ask for one, and he looks gay!)>
Me: Cute pic ( I have to be nice, i guess)
Him: Ur welcome :)
Him: U still my baby? (umm... I was NEVER your baby!)
Me: Unfortunatley I'm no one' baby right now the word baby is a very affectionate word so... it doesnt suit at this time.
Him: I like your honesty :)
Me. I'm glad
Him: send me any pic babe
<I sent him a picture that I have sent him before, just so he could leave me alone in regards to the picture>
Him: Thanks, you look good
Me: TY
him: I would love to kiss you (Is he drunk, weirdooooooooooo)
Me: :)
Him: I do :(
Me: (changing the subject) Why aren't you asleep yet?
him: I can't sleep lol
Me: I hear ya.. me either
him: Call me?
Me: u call me.
<apperently I feel asleep in those minutes, i guess i was sleepy and didn't even know it!>
him: called you left you a msg :)
I woke up like at 4:30am to use the restroom, and i saw his text I texed him back at that time.
Me: OMG can you believe i feel asleep? Sorry ( i got up to use the restroom)
Him: Ur text woke me up :( im going back to sleep (LMAO he obviously got pissed hahahah who cares?)
Me: (five hours later) Sorry for waking you up. hope you were able to go back to sleep. gotyour voice mail... after i found my phone on the floor.
<he never replied, until last night>
Him: Hey u
me: hey que pasa (hey, what's happening)
him: how r u hun?
me: good n u?
him: :(
<I didn't reply after that, he bores me!>

So these texts are lame! ugh!

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