Doess It Matter ?

Exotic . . Emotionss !
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2011-09-16 03:30:47 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
So recentlyy myy aunt died , she was the closest aunt to me . And the pain, oh the pain, it hurts so frikin bad . More than anythinq ive ever felt before . It hurts more than heartbreak, matter of fact it is the ultimate heartbreak . I just have a way where when i tell someone something terrible, it ends up being the last thinqq i ever tell them . Its like now im just depressed all the time and all i want to do is cry, i dont think my boyfriend even has any clue whats qoinq on .. which iss the wayy i want it to stayy because i dontt wantt to botherr him withh all this .I just need anotherr wayy to deal with the pain because drinking aint fufillinq my needs anymore . Its just to much to deal with nowadayss, i just need help .
I L O V E Y O U A U N T I E <3 !