Confessions of a married woman
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2011-09-15 21:47:23 (UTC)

Comeback! Help!

I wasn't very popular in high school, but then again we had tracks because are school was over populated, my class of 1996 had about 2,000 students, so it was sad not to have known everyone there was to know, but anyway I do remember one person that I had a mad crush on! His name was William, I had him in my Spanish class and he was always very quiet. He was a sophmore and I was a junior at the time that I met him, he was tall, light skinned, beautiful eyes and the most gorgeous smile :). Of course I'd always check him out, but I guess I was invisible to him, or so I thought. He had a bestfriend in the class, Betty, they always used to hang out with each other, and one time she told me that he had a crush on me,I didn't know whether to believe her or not, but he might have. Until this day I'm until this day. I don't know. This is a long story, let me cut it short. When I was dating my now "husband" he went to pick me up to college and William happen to go the same college I went to, as did my husband, but my husband and I didn't go at the same time, anyway, he went to pick me up and he went to say hi to his friends that he used to hang out with and guess who it was?! YES! William.. he introduced me to all three of them, and I was going to interupt him when he got to William but he pretended not to know me, so I did the same, I found it really really odd... later I told my husband that I had known William since highschool, he was in shock. Anyway, a few months ago, I got a friend request from William via FB.. he however is now married :(, but he's a player! He wants to meet up with me to do you know... and it is VERY tempted as I had a crush on him for the longest, but.. it is so wrong as he is married... what should I do!?!?! I would not want to ruin his marrige, as I'm sure she's a good girl, I'd just want to fool around with him as he does with me.. actually he does with me and I wouldnt mind either... :) But there is that problem. I'd never cause a problem for his wife as long as she didn't find out... it seems morally wrong, and it is, but what to do what to do!??!?!

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