Just My Luck...
2011-09-14 00:11:42 (UTC)


Today was INSANE!!!!! so R still hadnt read the letter (so he said), and so i wrote the message again and gave it to him, and he just smiled and walked away. I was talking to him at lunch, and he told me the afternoon before, he had read the letter. I asked him what his answer was, and he sighed (which is never a good sign), and said no. I've not had much experience with guys, and I've never asked one out, therefor eleminating the possibility to get rejected. It felt aweful, like a part of me was being torn away. Now I know what J must have felt like all the times I turned him down. I have Gym right after lunch (UGH) and I had sprained my knee (don't ask) so I just slacked off and secretly cried the entire time. It was aweful. I saw my friend in the hall (we'll call her B) getting into her locker, and she was kinda with me on this whole thing, so I fuigured i should tell her because I was going to have to tell her sometime. So she turned me toward the wall because I still had tears in my eyes, and gave me a big hug. I felt my chin start to quiver, and I knew if i didn't get out of there right that second I was going to have an emotional breakdown infront of the entire school, so I just broke the hug and ran down the hallway. I feel bad, I'm going to apologize tomorrow for running away (I did have a pretty logical reason, but still... its rude). Anyways, the day got alot better. I sit by 2 of my friends, thats 3 of us that are friends out of a pod of 4. And the one last guy is pretty nice too, a friend, so I'm happy about that :) plus we had a project today, and the questions and answers and jokes we were making were so funny, I literally almost wet myself, NO JOKE!!! And me and R decided we were still going to be friends, so we were talking alot during the break we had in the classroom. Right after we got out of class, the first thing he said was "I'm sorry." The truth is that when he had said no, he said no because another girl had asked him out, and it's the type of girl who will (literally, no exaggerations) stab you in the stomach if you get in her way. But he didn't like her, so he decided to reject her and accept my offer on being with me and I was SOOOOO exited!!!!! The bad part is that she had read the note before R had so she was already pissed... which is really bad, but she doesn't know what i look like so we should be all good :) I can't wait for tomorrow!!!! :D


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