Just My Luck...
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2011-09-10 00:48:15 (UTC)

My PERFECT Note!!!!! :D

So ya'll remember that one guy i like, right? R? well, me and R have been doing alot of bonding, and I didnt know if he liked me or not, but i guess my 7th grade confidence is kicking in, because I cant keep a secret. At all. No secrets for me. I end up telling at least one person. I actually couldnt stand for me to be keeping my crush a secret from all but two of my friends. So he showed me one of his songs that he wrote and said it sucked. But it was a love song, and I had been the only one he had shown. I fuigured that if he didnt like me, we could have still been friends. So i wrote down the lyrics to a love song I wrote, because i hadnt shown anyone either. one of the lines was "so i guess I'll just give this a shot" so at the very end, i wrote "i fuigured I would really give it a shot ;)" and when i gave it to him, i told him "now you can see that my song sucks more then yours does" becasue he had been having kind of a fake argument about it and stuff, but then he started to open the note early. i hadnt thought about what would happen if he saw it before i left, so i did the only logical thing: i got the hell out of there. i booked it to the busses. so now i am terrified to go back to school on monday to see what he has to say about my very revealing friend. plus, right before i gave it to him, i found out from a friend that a (former) aquaintence of mine has eyes for this boy of mine, and she sits next to him in music apreaciation, and had been flirting with him ever sense the year before, even while i was going out with him the first time (dont ask me why i broke up with him, i really dont konw)! plus, she totally likes him now and is always flirting with him. it just made a rock start to form in my stomach... but it doesnt matter becasue she is a jerk and R knows it, and he hates her so i think il be good :) i just have alot to spill today, plus today, i rejected my old ex-boyfriend becasue he had the nerve to ask me out... AGAIN. well, thats pretty much it for my day, there was some stuff but nothing big, i got my new nickname from the "prissy guy" i hang out with, hes always with the girls and he is such a wimp :) my new nickname is "Scary Girl" because he can never remember my real name, plus i'm always threatning him and his friends (in a teasing way). so i'm just going to ride through the weekend and wait till either 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, or 7th period for him to actually go to me and tell me his answer. Wish me luck!


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