Life In My Words
2011-09-07 19:59:30 (UTC)

Damn .

ya know , considering its been a year , i dont even know why i still have this thing . i just get an email every once in a while saying how i havent updated my diary in over six months . but guys , come on . you really want me to tell you how all of freshman year , my summer , and the first few weeks of sophmore year went ? well .. i guess i could sum it up just for you readers . freshman year : dated "soccer player" .. yeah total bust . dumped him for his friend . again , total bust . was single for 100 days and that was amazing , then i met a TOTAL douchebag . not gonna go into many details , but he asked girls for naked pictures while we were together . it was bad . and im unhappy to admit that i still have feelings for him (still trying to figure out what they are . i think its a combination of lust and hate .) . but now i like his best friend . his best friend is a ginger , and SO FREAKING CUTE . but lets just say the douchebag isnt too happy .. in fact he told me to f*ck off , then 20 minutes later told me he was in love with me . now hes taking some slutty freshman bitch to homecoming and shes gonna get her little heart broken . i feel bad for her , but then again , everyone knows his reputation . if she wants to dance in the fire , then we shall let her mambo in the hellish pit .