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2011-09-06 16:31:10 (UTC)

Pillow talk with wife

My wife blew her top when I asked about the vibrator saying I was rummaging through her stuff. She told me I should keep on tapping on her and deleted my contact from her BBM contact list! We didn’t talk for about 2 days but all ended well when she cooked for me and gave me a special hug. Now things are suppose to go back to normal but I am still so uncomfortable. I need to have this bedroom talk with her….this is what I plan to do…..before she gets home I will cut my hair and shave (I was going to do that anyway) have a shower and make sure I smell v nice. I will then tuck myself under the duvet while I wait for her to get back home…I will be completely naked….once she has dinner and about to get to bed I will tell her to lie on my chest (laying her face on my chest)….then will start……
I love having sex with you so much that immediately after the sex I am looking forward to the next time. Having Sex with you is the greatest pleasure I have…..let me tell you a few things I like…..
I like kissing you deeply and you responding……you are sometimes conscious especially in the morning as you haven’t brushed your teeth….you taste even better then as I can taste the real you which is so sweet.
I like sucking your thumb
I wish I could show you what I would like her to wear at night…something really silky and sexy…one piece.
I would like to take my time and play with your breast with my tongue and lips
I will like to lick all over your body, sucking your bum, toes thighs everywhere
I would like to like you and suck you until you come into my mouth….you taste so strong and sweet and I always wish and hope I get the change to do this every time we have sex …I just want you to come all over my face
I like you to talk to me when we have sex telling me what you want
I like it when you dig your nails into my bum…really hard….so good
I like it when you bite and suck my nipples that will always make me come…
I like to smell your armpit the aroma is so strong and raw
I like it when you hold me and stroke me until I am v hard….I want you to make me even grow harder by stroking me and leading me to ecstasy but controlled in such a way that I don’t come…..taking me all the way to the edge but not over….I will be so hard for you darling.
I like it when I go inside you the first time….you are so sweet, I just want to go deep and slowly inside you until I come…..now after I come I want you all over again….I always wish we could just do it again as this time I want to go inside you really strong and very hard until you bite me in ecstasy….I want to fulfil all your needs and I will……I may have to stop there and not mention the ‘V’’ word……depending on her response I will ask her what she like and what she wants me to do during sex….hopefully the ‘V’ word would have been mentioned if not I will ask if she will like me to use it on her……..wish me luck, diary.