2011-09-04 22:53:33 (UTC)


If this guy mentions anything about me and him, I swear to God I will beat the fuck out of him. I mean I don't care what he does or says, but he put me on blast today. If anything, I should kick his ass for what he fucking did. Like lay with him? How fucking classy. Like right in front of who I consider my family? Little bitch wanted what was down there, the fucker drowns himself in cologne anyway. And then he wants me to act like I'm his friend, laying there trying to get me jealous of shit. I'm sorry that I don't like him anymore, but now I just fucking hate him. I'll never forgive him for that. I'm going to rip off everything that he owns in my life...I can't even believe he's even here talking to my brothers like nothing. He is a drag queen, and he is feminine, he might as well be. He acts like one, he should grow a pair of breasts and I'll cut him another asshole open so he can get a fucking vagina. I'm so tired of him just being there like, oh, whatever, I'm sorry for egging you on you know? But what's done is done, and now he has Jacob, good for Jacob,

fuck life.