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2011-09-01 12:35:54 (UTC)

Need to change asap.

Right, decided to start writing in here again!

Okay, so been thinking a lot over the past week or so, and decided that i need to lose some weight, going back to school in less than a week will seriously help that. Not only can i go back to skipping both breakfast and lunch but the extra exercise with the p.e lessons and walking to and from school should boost my matabolism.
I think i'm between about 7 and a half and 8 stone atm, i definately want to get back down to 7 at least, and if i'm strong should weigh less than that which will be brilliant! I miss being less than 7 stone, i feel happier with myself when i'm lighter so wish me luck guys!
The time is 1:45 pm and so far i've consumed 170 calories. Hope dinner is small tonight.

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