Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2011-08-27 05:38:34 (UTC)

Last Bastions

So... Capilano screwed me quite well. Having known a few keys of info I'd not have wasted quite so much time/effort with it. Suffice to say, I'm not going. So in traipsing around, I've opted for my oddly, next choice, which, has always been in the background lurking around for, well, ages upon ages. And thats Fashion school. I've always loved Corsets and Victorian-esque clothing, I used to watch Fashion tv when I was kid and it was on Much Music, and I've been a fan of Avante Garde and costuming for years. Hell, I've even seen every episode of Project Runway at least two or three times. I should have tried harder when I was 19 to have gone and done it, but, I guess now is as good a time as ever. It's too late to register for anywhere for September, and few of the ones I could afford have January start dates, so, it's now, NEXT september, which relatively falls within my original time line anyways. I'm just doing a bit differently this time.

So, between now and next september I'm going to pick up some intro drawing, painting, and basic textile/sewing skills up, which I'll need so I can have some semi skill at doing what I want in terms of conceptualization. The only thing is now I have to figure out where the best place to go to do would be. Victoria, Fredericton, Halifax, all have, rather good schools, they're cheaper the further east you go, but Victoria has the benefit of me being here already. Freddyville and Halifax however are half the cost and lower in terms of tuition, rents, but, quality wise? I'm not so sure, I've got some time to really delve into them and see where going would best suite my own personal desires for the future. Which largely would be me doing Corset collections a'la GallerySerpentine.com (which has been a fan favorite for 12 years now), and something akin, to Ethnotek backpacks, not them exactly, but, I've got a couple of swanky ideas kicking around and I wouldn't have thought about Textile crafts if Trish hadn't mentioned it, which I initially balked at, but then, I had an epiphany-like brainstorm hit me and suddenly it's like a whole new dawn.

so to speak. I've always fancied myself artistic, even in high school my art teacher told me I'd be a great metal art sculptor after I did this project of a stick man and incorporated some glass and misc car parts I found in the autoshop. I kind of miss being creative. so, I guess I'll see where this takes me. I mean, I already had planned on getting student loans in january of 2013, and spending the next 12 months doing really basic university work, paying the tuition myself september next year, and going, froth, as it were. I wouldn't call this plan b. more like, planned, unplanned plan. so thats it. it's been decided for me. happenstance and such. Still, I could beat Trish with a wet noodle for having never mentioned her school had a program which was dirt cheap and still seems to produce some decent fashion grads. Of course. I never asked. But then it never occurred to me. I fucking hate snow. I think I hate not doing anything, even more. Killing time, as it were, seems to be killing me slowly. so, I'm off. into the winds. sailing forth.