Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2011-08-22 19:21:49 (UTC)

Another Day

I need to remind myself that everyone works monday through friday. Everyone has to wake up in the morning and work. Every profession from store manager to lawyers have to wake up early. If people didnt start in the morning the world would not turn.
We rely on the bus drivers to get us to work. The staff at coffee shops make our breakfast and coffees so we can get the day started.

I'm anxious about working everyday, monday through friday. I'm reminding myself that everyone goes through this, i'm not any different. If i want the finer things in life i need to earn it myself. I can't rely on anyone anymore, especially at my age!

This is a part of growing up. I'm growing up now. My life is changing and I need to accept this. I can't stay back like my friends, working min. wage jobs and living with their parents. I've completed school, this is the next step in adulthood. I need to stop feeling anxious. Stop it, stop it, stop it!

I need to do this.

I've accepted the offer.