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2011-08-21 11:23:53 (UTC)

8/13/11 China sat

-woke up at 8; wait for mom; they came at 9 something; i was in a bad mood, kind yelled at mom; mom looks so old now and part of the reason is playing mj; taxi home; yun ask me to go hankou; a lil fight with mom about the yelling this morning; uncle xiang came for a while wanted to take us out for lunch but refused; i took off my long nails; don't know if i should get my lash done or go hotel or what? it's so hot; and don't pick lips; checked in hotel; itchy bad and all swollen; yun came; i booked the 180 angle river view room for a lil under 1000 this time and we both liked the room; i went to swim and yun came later too; shower and sex on the chair; he wanted room service but i didn't want those food; so we came outside to eat at this "famous" street but it turned out bad; from now on, i agree with him to eat at nice places only or at least chain restaurant like KFC or pizzahut at least know what to expect; bought kfc egg tart; back to the room and still itchy; glad he had to get up early to go golfing so went to sleep right after;