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2011-08-21 10:40:29 (UTC)

7/30/11 sat

-got up at 10; shopped for glass and closet sliding door;
-lunch at East Lake with changshen
-dropped us off supermarket to refill lash and fix broken nails; changshen dropped off car; i drove home; walked to appliance store but mom forgot ID so walked back; i stayed at home; i'm having diareah these days; maybe from the sour milk;
-yun came to pick me up; we went to the same bath house; i finally got my body scrub; it's not as good as the Korean one in sf but the price is of course much cheaper; sex in the room upstairs; left at 1; he wanted night snack but we came to Hubuxiang but it's closed; had dumplings very quick, i didn't want eat; drop me off home

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