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2011-08-21 10:24:02 (UTC)

7/26/11 tuesday

-mom went out to shop for glass and do errands; i got up at 10; J called me, i'm happy i was able to talk to him without mom being there; yun dropped off grapes; 2nd fat session; told us they closing tmrw; wasn't happy with that; in China, everything and everyone isbullshit; mom said she needs to go take care of lawyer thing for uncle but i know she went to play mj; don't understand why she is so ashamed of admitting her habit; maybe it already became a weakness like yung said about Master
-stayed home analying my old pics, looking for flaws about my face and body;
-dinner with yun at the expensive place; drop me off home; don't know why he didn't want go massage all of a sudden maybe he was tired or his wife called?